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Overall, looks great. I would suggest, however, you use possibly a light gray color on the black dog's inner ears, glasses and face, wi...



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I might get around to posting stuff here soon now that finals are over, and while I still have goals to meet, they're not so distant anymore.
So those of you still following me might be looking at my page and going "What the hell? What's with this stuff? Is anything from you ever consistent?" And the short answer to that is no. Nothing from me is really consistent. My Deviantart page is for a few things. The first and foremost being a place to keep shit whenever I feel like it deserves to be up there. I've done work that I'll never ever put up here. It's out for the whole world to see. If I do a shitty drawing, I don't want an audience looking at a shitty drawing. The other main thing I've had it for is a place to showcase my graphic design. Obviously there are a couple flaws with my last couple pieces of work, namely the Bass Cannon wallpaper. I love it, I think it's cool, but it never turned out to be as good as I pictured it being. So that won't go up on my Wix, where I showcase my best graphic design, editing and motion graphics.

The thing here is that I've noticed a trend from year to year. That trend is that during the late summer, and usually through the fall, I'm more creative and I seem to pump out more shit than I expect to. I always have at least 3 projects on my plate, whether it's an editing thing, motion graphics, a drawing, outlining/coloring, whatever. Right now, I've got 3 mandatory editing projects, a drawing, a flash animation and some mandatory (I promised this to my employer) graphic design. Most of the graphic design will probably end up here. Just a heads-up, it's nothing too geeky or anything, but it should hopefully be good. I'm making logos for wrestlers. They don't know it yet, but that's what I told my employer I said I could do, and he said I was allowed to. So I will.

But the thing is that whatever I pump out isn't usually what I expect to pump out. I'll get some of the unexpected things finished and out there before I get the expected things out there. It's weird.

Anyway, I'm now living IN Chicago, and it's so much easier to do things. I'm pretty sure this place is the capital of convenience. I can get coffee, sandwiches, pizza, and whatever else within 30 minutes (sometimes all of it within that given time), I can get to school easily, and there are at least 3 shopping centers nearby where I can get practically anything. It's awesome.

I've also taken a HUGE interest in the band Rush, and it clearly shows in my favorites list. Clockwork Angels practically mirrors my own religious life, whether that's intentional or not. I know Rush is a progressive band and they're mostly anti-religious, or at least Neil Peart is. Neil Peart is someone who I've increasingly admired, but I've never had a big "boom" of admiring him. And I admire him not only as a drummer, but as an artist, a writer, a thinker, and simply as a person. The same person who wrote "Limelight" which illustrated his discomfort with fame, still ended up saying "It's something that's part of the package, and it's something you have to deal with" Not many famous people are like that. Granted, not many famous people were uncomfortable with that, but still. Unlike many people in his position, he grew from his experiences and became a better person.
  • Listening to: BU2B by Rush
  • Reading: these words on the screen
  • Watching: me type these words onscreen
  • Playing: I dunno.
  • Eating: does saliva count?
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Ian Fitch
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I drum, voice act, abridge... yeah.

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